Best laptop brands 2021: Highest Quality and Appearance Characteristics

Buying a laptop is a very important decision, regardless of the goals you are guided by. there are many worthy brands and even more great models in the world, and therefore it can be quite difficult to decide on anyone’s solution. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best 2021 laptops from different manufacturers and with different operating systems so you can save your time and make only a profitable addition.

Apple MacBook Air Review

The Apple MacBook Air is at the top of our list today, as this revolutionary product from Apple is not only affordable but also has amazing features. The laptop has an embedded ARM-based Apple M1 chip, thanks to which the device’s performance is at the highest level because even during 4K video editing, the system works quickly and efficiently. The laptop has a slim and light design and a long battery life of approximately 11 hours without charging.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Review

In second place was the Microsoft Surface 4, which keeps up with the build quality and design of the previous model. The main feature of the laptop is the large PixelSense touchscreen, which has not been found in any other laptop before.

The device has a comfortable keyboard and excellent performance that guarantee the smooth operation of the system. The laptop can do without charging for about 13 hours, and the price is also within reasonable limits and is fully justified by the quality.

Dell XPS 15 Review

 Dell XPS 15 is a versatile laptop that will suit everyone, regardless of the purpose of its use. This model is the best of Dell’s entire lineup and uses the latest mobile technology from Intel. It will be a great solution for graphic designers and programmers as it can be configured with a discrete GPU.

The design of the laptop is also beyond praise, it has a 15-inch screen and a high level of battery life. But the price for this device can be as high as $ 1,500.

Acer Swift 3 Review

If you are wondering is acer a good brand, then you can omit it now because the Acer Swift 3 is on the list of the best laptops of 2021 and is an excellent budget option. The device does not differ in a special design, but it has powerful enough components that will help you use your laptop without any problems in work or study.

Comfort in use is guaranteed, the laptop has a backlit keyboard that will help you when typing in the dark or on the go.

HP Specter x360 Review

 The HP Specter x360 has been on the list of best laptops for years. The new model has an integrated 11th generation Intel Core processor, with the help of which the developers have achieved improved performance and increased graphics quality.

The laptop has a nice 2-in-1 design that can be transformed into a tablet and has a case crafted from precious stones and rightfully bears the title of the most beautiful 2-in-1 laptop ever. The build quality is almost on par with the leader of our list, the Apple MacBook Air, and given all the specs, you can guess for yourself that this model is not cheap. This model also includes impressive Bang & Olufsen safety features and speakers.